Cuckoo parent gives fascinating World War 1 talk

Year 6 pupils had a special assembly today, when Cuckoo parent, Edwina Osborne, came into the school to do a presentation on aspects of the First World War.

Edwina's curiosity was sparked by a war memorial near by where she worked.

It contained the names of 305 young men who sadly died in what was known as the Great War.

Further research by Edwina uncovered the death of a local man on the Hertford Road in the war, Charles Alexander Sizer.

After a lot of work, she has been able to piece together his story - including showing the children photographs of Charles.

The Year 6 pupils were excited to be able to see real war helmets from the British and German combatants.

Edwina also had a selection of war medals to show them and a small tin from the front which soldiers used to keep things like sweets in.

A big thank you to Edwina for bringing real live history into Cuckoo Hall.