20 Read Aloud prizes to be won!

A message from the Community Outreach team. 

Hello Parents and carers,

Last week we had a Read Aloud competition and there was a great response from children telling us their favourite book they like to read.

It’s great to see so many pupils continuing to read and help encourage other children to do the same. 

For our next competition, we would like to know who your child’s favourite book/magazine character is. 

Tell us the title of the book, name of the character, why they like them, do they have any special powers, dress code, what is their character like and are they a good or bad character?

Draw a picture of them and send a photo to our email address communityoutreach@chat-edu.org.uk along with your full name, school and year group. 

Enter the competition by Monday 6th July for your child’s chance to win a special Read Aloud prize! 

Be quick! Only the first 20 entries will receive the prize.

Good luck everyone, from the Community Outreach team Juliet, Gurjit, and Beleyu. 

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