Return to school: Looking forward to seeing the children again on Thurs, 5 September.

Get involved with the PTA

Welcome to our web pages

It is great you want to find out more about the PTA.

Supporting your school's parent teacher association need not be a chore. Get involved, help out at a school fundraiser and have some fun!

We all want our children’s schools to be the very best they can. One of the ways we can help best is by joining the PTA and getting involved in the life of the school.

It is not just our children and the school that benefits.

You might just find you end up involved in a lot of fun too.

Eb, Jen, Linda, Stella, Robin, and Seral.

Join our mailing list

For more information about getting involved or keeping in touch with news about PTA activities drop us an email at

We have a brilliant PTA secretary Jen, who will keep you informed.

Next PTA events

  • 21 June Cuckoo's amazing Cultural event - one of the highlights of the school year. Numbers limited. Contact Stella

Listen to an interview about the PTA at Cuckoo

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