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Dr Donald Graham

Successful Ofsted inspection, September 2019

Dr Donald Graham, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said:  “This is a very good report which shows that the new leadership at the school has worked extremely hard over the past year and taken decisive action to make significant improvements to teaching and learning.

I am pleased to see Ofsted highlight particular strengths in English, Maths and early years reading. Once again, there is high praise for the behaviour of pupils at Cuckoo Hall, which is to the tremendous credit of our families.”

Ofsted report

Read our letter to parents here.

You can read the full report here.

Ofsted monitoring report March 2019

The school is very pleased that Ofsted has highlighted in its latest findings, following a visit in March, that we continue to make very good progress and that the school is taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.

Dr Donald Graham, Chair of the Board of Trustees said:

“We are delighted for our parents, pupils and staff that Ofsted has formally recognised the huge progress being made to improve the school under new headteacher Nicky Ross and her team.  This is a very positive report, demonstrating that everyone is working tirelessly to make Cuckoo Hall a great school again and that the changes being made are having a real impact on teaching and learning.

"We will continue to work constructively with Ofsted and Enfield Council to make further improvements where they are needed in order to provide the very best possible education for our pupils. A big thank you also to our brilliant children for demonstrating that education is of such importance to them through their daily enthusiasm in the classroom for learning and their great behaviour in the school.”

The school's leadership team is praised for ensuring Cuckoo Hall is making a significant improvement in many areas:

"Leaders have an accurate and precise understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. Their plans for school improvement are detailed and precise. They review the impact of their actions regularly and amend their strategies accordingly." 
"Leaders have set ambitious targets and are making good progress towards these. They recognise the need to develop capacity within leadership, particularly in terms of middle management."
"Leaders have continued their extensive programme of staff training to improve the quality of teaching and learning. They know that sustained improvement is needed."

"Reading has been a key element of staff training since the last visit. The teaching of reading has improved as a result. Teachers and leaders have introduced guided reading in Years 1 to 3 at set times in the school day. They have introduced a reading toolkit to help pupils deepen their understanding."

You can read the full Ofsted letter here.

Monitoring report, December 2018

We are pleased that the Ofsted team has highlighted, in their latest inspection of the school in December, a number of very positive findings as the school continues to make progress:

- leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures
- leaders are focusing on the right areas
- the Headteacher has a clear strategy to improve the school
- leaders evaluate accurately the quality of teaching and learning
- tailored programmes of professional development are improving teaching
- the school governing body provides robust challenge and support

While Ofsted says we have achieved a lot in a short space of time, there is still a lot that we need to do to make Cuckoo Hall a great school again.

A copy of the Ofsted report can be found here (pdf)

A copy of our letter to parents can be found here.

A summary of some of the key current teaching and learning changes that school is making can be found here.

Monitoring report, June 2018

Ofsted visited the school for a detailed fact-finding inspection in May and is making its report public today, 6 June 2018.

We are delighted that the findings are largely very positive and that Ofsted believes the school is making significant improvements and taking the action needed to address all of its concerns.

There are of course still key areas for further improvement, with many challenges (as well as opportunities) ahead.

We can promise parents that we will not let up in our efforts to address every outstanding issue and to accelerate, wherever possible, the progress we are making.

We urge all of our parents to read the full inspection report. There is still a great deal of work to do.

Ofsted concluded:

•    Leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures
•    The school’s action plan is fit for purpose
•    The trust has given extensive support to the school
•    The trust’s statement of action is fit for purpose
•    Pupils are well behaved and want to learn. They show very positive attitudes to learning
•    There is a high degree of scrutiny, challenge and support from the School’s Rapid Improvement Board (RIB)
•    The trust has appointed a substantive headteacher for September 2018.

Donald Graham, Chair of our Board of Trustees has responded to the report:

“We are very pleased with the progress the school has made. I would like to thank the teaching staff for making improvement in so many areas. We will continue to work closely with Ofsted, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and all our partners to ensure we embed within Cuckoo Hall a constructive learning environment for the children that is engaging, transparent and sustainable."

Sue Rubenstein, Chair of the school’s Rapid Improvement Board (RIB) said:

“We are so pleased that this Ofsted monitoring visit report recognises and reflects the hard work that all staff have done to improve the education that we offer our children. We know that there is more to do and we look forward to accelerating this improvement under the leadership of our fantastic new Head Nicky Ross.”
If you have any questions about the report, you can speak to your child’s class teacher, a member of the senior leadership team, or by email to If there is a demand for it we can also organise meetings with parents to discuss the report in more detail.

A copy of Ofsted's report can be found here. (Pdf)

A copy of our letter to parents can be found here.

Ofsted Inspection Report

The school was inspected by Ofsted on 12-13 July 2017 and we received our report on 12 October.

We were very disappointed by the overall judgment that the school requires ‘special measures’ as we believe Ofsted failed to acknowledge many of the very good things that have made Cuckoo Hall such a special and much-loved school at the heart of the local community for so many years.

Action Plan

What is now important is how the school responds, moves forward and takes successful action in each of the areas identified by Ofsted, in order to secure the best possible education for all our children. A school subject to special measures needs to submit a detailed plan about how improvements will be made and will have further, regular short-notice Ofsted inspections to monitor progress.

We have already put together a detailed Action Plan to address all of the issues raised by Ofsted and have appointed two highly experienced school leaders to manage the school until we appoint a new headteacher. Ofsted said in the report that it believes we “have an accurate understanding of the challenges facing the school.”

Ofsted praise

In their report, Ofsted says: “The behaviour of pupils is good….The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good…Pupils say they feel safe and well-cared for at school and they know whom to go to if they have concerns or worries.”

A copy of the full Ofsted report can be found here.

We have also produced a Questions & Answers briefing for parents.

A copy of our letter to parents can be found here.

Listen to an interview about the Ofsted.

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