Great opportunity to help the school! We are looking for parent governors. Submit your nominations by 14th December. See letters section for all the info you need.

Are you interested in becoming a governor?

The organisation

CHAT Academies was established in 2010 and currently runs 5 academies in North London, educating some 2,600 pupils. Growth plans will increase this to around 3,000 by 2020.

The Trust  employs approximately 350 staff.

The Board of Trustees sets the Trust’s broad strategy and has overall responsibility for its academies educational performance, finance, premises, staffing, operations audit and for complying with legislative requirements. Some of these responsibilities are delegated to sub committees. 

Each academy has its own advisory committee which report to the Board of Trustees.

The role of governor

Joining the advisory committee as a governor offers you the opportunity to make a real contribution to the life, strategic leadership and educational performance of an academy.

Governors are responsible for monitoring and reviewing educational performance and progress against academy development plan objectives and targets as well as leading on parental and community engagement

Being a governor can be very rewarding and will provide you with the opportunity to work as part of a team and gain new skills. Support will be available from the academy and your colleagues on the advisory committee and we are also currently developing training sessions for governors of all academies across the Trust.

Some of the key duties of governors include attending regular evening meetings, taking part in training sessions and to be able to occasionally visit the academy during the school day. You should be sure that you are committed and available to do so before applying.

Further details of the role can be found in the governors terms of reference featured in the ‘related forms and documents section below’.

Composition of the advisory committees

When at full capacity, our advisory committees have a maximum of nine members which comprise: -

3 x Education specialist advisors (or fewer depending on the size of the academy) 

Appointed by the Trustees and may sit on several advisory committees.

2 x Co-opted governors 

Approved by the Trust and appointed by the advisory committee.

So long as they are not a member of CHAT Academies staff and they have the relevant skills and experience, one co-opted governor may be the parent of a child who is on roll at another academy within the Trust

Either of the co-opted governors will be designated ‘lead’ for the purpose of complaints and exclusions panels

3 x Parent governors

To lead on issues including parental and community engagement. Appointed by election unless the number of vacant positions exceeds or is equal to the number of received nominations.

If there is a vacancy, parents may nominate themselves for a position at the academy where their child attends.

1 x Staff governor

The head teacher will always sit on the governing body; appointed 'ex officio'.

Relevant skills and experience

We want our Governors to be interested in serving the local community and who have relevant skills and experience in one or more of the following areas: -

  •     Education and learning
  •     Communicating with diverse groups
  •     Education and learning
  •     Education law and / or legislation guidance
  •     Fundraising experience
  •     Leadership, target setting, monitoring and evaluating performance and programmes
  •     Marketing
  •     Parental and community engagement / public relations

Personal qualities

Important personal qualities are:

  •     Integrity
  •     An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities and adherence to our Code of Conduct
  •     A willingness and ability to devote necessary time and effort to the duties of Governor, including visits to academies
  •     A willingness to utilise your experience and skills
  •     Strategic vision, good and independent judgment and ability to think creatively
  •     A willingness to express personal views in an open and constructive way.


Parents and staff will be informed if there is a vacancy on the governing body, a time frame in which nominations can be submitted and to where they should be directed (usually the academy office).

Whilst vacancies will generally be announced via our social media accounts and websites, head teachers will also notify parents of any vacancies at their respective schools.

Additional information about the parent or co-opted governor roles, including nomination forms, can be found in the ‘related forms and documents’ section below. 

Anyone who has any general questions about the role of governor can submit an email enquiry to   

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