The school has closed. We cannot stress enough that keyworker children should ONLY attend the CHAT Primary Hub School at Kingfisher Hall if it is absolutely necessary and you have NO OTHER OPTIONS. If we can support you please see our Helping Families web page. Take care - our families are very special to us. #StaySafe

Learning at home

Resources for learning at home

Welcome to our new resource page.

On this page you will find all the resources you need for your child to continue their studies at home.

We need our families to work with us to ensure home learning is effective.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to the closure of the school we want to ensure that your child still has access to learning activities to support them at home.  

Your child (Years 1-6) already has login details to an online learning platform called DB Primary.

Reception children will have a project to do each week. See below.

With this login the children can access a variety of learning activities that are directly linked the National Curriculum. 

Teachers will be adding project based work onto DB Primary on a weekly basis. Once your child logs in, they will be able to see work that has been added for them to complete.

In addition to this, your child can also access a range of self-learning activities.

If you have any queries relating to DB Primary please email us with your child's name and the school they go to (this is a central email)

Nicky Ross, Headteacher

Nursery children

The guidance for what the parents should be focusing on for the remainder of this year is what the children most struggle with in Reception, particularly when they first start. This is:

1. Speaking, listening and understanding.
2. Fine motor skills.
3. Forming recognisable letters from their name and other letters.
4. Initial letter sounds.
5. Counting out a range of objects reliably and recognising number and shape.
6. A joy for reading and writing.

We advise our nursery children focus on one area per day and that any learning is done through play, eg. stories, songs, construction/lego, art, role play, sand/water, loose parts.

There are plenty of free resources out there for parents. We are recommending:

Amazon are doing free audio books and songs for children. (Ideally we prefer book reading and singing than audio).

Phonics play games. Phase 1 will be appropriate and some phase 2.

Maths activities for EYFS. Nrich do some great EYFS ones.

Website offering info on free subscriptions.

DB Primary Guide

Read the guide to how to login and use here.

DB Primary

Go to DB Primary online learning platform here.

Reception projects

Reception Project 2 can be found here.

Reception Project 1 can be found here.

Cherry Class learning

Work for Week 2 can be found here. Week 1 can be found here.

An additional challenge can be found here. Useful web links are here.

DB Primary - How to video guides

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