Admissions consultation

As part of the amalgamation of Cuckoo Hall and Woddpecker Hall Academies were are consulting on the new admission arrangments.

This is a formal requirement although the changes needed for amalgamation are minimal.

The new PAN number.

There will be a total of 120 places per year group and a new published admissions number (“PAN”) of 120 for the single academy: Woodpecker Hall Academy.

The published admission number or PAN as it is commonly referred to is the number of pupils in each year group that the admission authority has agreed will be admitted without causing problems for the school.

The amalgamation will require a variation therefore to Woodpecker Hall Academy’s determined admissions arrangements for September 2021.

A mini admissions process, which will be conducted by the local authority, will be required for Cuckoo Hall pupils as part of the amalgamation. This is a straight forward process which is needed when schools amalgamate.

More information will be provided once the amalgamation is formally approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC).

Please send any comments to by Wednesday, 16 December.

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